Ep 48 Back into it!!!!

The MadMemeMeister and Executive Producer and Tech Guru Kyle of Squarehammer fame launch into a catch-up ep, detailing bits and bobs we’ve been up to ...View Details

Lore Master Sotek

And We’re BACK after Easter Break! This ep we have Lore Master Sotek kickin back and sinkin a few Rums and chatting all things tabletop and TWWH

A mega midweek madness, the boys chat to professional GM Gervasio Lembo about their upcoming WHFRP epic! With special appearance from the Countess her...View Details

Here it is, the MadMememeister and DTA grab Posh and make him the soft gelatinous meet in an Aussie sandwich, as we discuss the first third of our Liz...View Details

A hobby catch-up midweek madness with the entire crew minus DTA! *sad noots*

In this ep DTA and the Executive Producer and tech Guru Kyle, of squarehammer fame go through the Mad MemeMeister’s 16000 plus’s points of cold bloode...View Details

Midweek madness is upon us again and The MadMemeMeister of middenheim sits to discuss DTA’s Arab army and his game against Tomb kings!

In this ep, Executive Producer and Tech Guru Kyle and the MadMemeMeister discuss the watchful i Studios Chinese range and how we can use them in our g...View Details

Posh Craig and the mad MemeMeister sit down with 2 blokes that love listening to Epic Sax on repeat for 12 minutes

In this HUGE interview, The MadMemeMeister of Middenheim sits down with The Executive Producer and Tech Guru Kyle of Squarehammer fame to interview on...View Details

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