Tonight Shawn the WolfeMan Wolf, DTA and The celebrated author of the WAP Mathias discuss the Old World release, what we know, what we don’t know and ...View Details

Ep37 Herohammer PT1

In this Ep (recorded 3months ago 😂) DTA the Wolfeman and the MadMemeMeister go through the first 6 characters that YOU guys voted for way back in the ...View Details

The MadMememeister and the Wolfeman kickstart a brand new series of midweek fuckery to get you guys through to your standard Saturday, Warhammer shits...View Details

Ep 35 Tacti-Cool

In this ep, the Wolfeman get schooled on tactics by Executive producer and tech guru Kyle of square hammer fame, while The MemeMeister gets progressiv...View Details

Tonight the Mad MemeMeister, Posh Craig and the Wolfeman sit down and chat all things old world with the longest running editor of WhiteDwarf magazine...View Details

Ronnie, the King of War

Executive producer and tech guru Kyle sits down with Ex GW big wig and Mantic CEO Ronnie Renton, the Mad Mememeister is also there, giggling and heavy...View Details

Ep 32 Hindi Metal

Once again Managing Director and all round nice bloke Joe, from Watchful i Studios joins us again. This time to discus his upcoming range of models wi...View Details

The MemeMeister discusses Eastern Armies, kickstarters and GW Employment with joe, while they both fleece crack heads of their plastic crack!

The MemeMeister and Executive director and tech Guru Kyle have an hour long chat and catch u guys up on our post Christmas hobby’ing 

The announcement!

Join the boys and the author of the Warhammer armies project, Mathias Eliasson for the announcement of “Tale of 5 Gamers” a monthly podcast and self p...View Details

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